About Us

Guardian was founded on the belief that the security and confidentiality of customer information is critical to business success.


In business since 2005, our clients are world class financial institutions, insurance and reinsurance companies, public accounting firms, and lawyers as well as many local businesses. They include Bermuda’s largest organizations and several 1 or 2 person offices.


Clients who look for innovative, world class solutions look to Guardian.

Why Guardian?

At Guardian we provide products and services that are world class.


Our success is a direct result of this as well as our commitment to offering our clients services that are highly secure and economical, by providing superior client service and by being environmentally friendly.



Our innovative solutions enable our clients to select the level of service and pricing that meets their needs and our pricing structure results in significant savings when compared to our competitors.


We continually work to ensure that our clients get the best value from our service and whenever possible, we pass on efficiency gains to our clients by reducing our fees or delaying fee increases.


Our #1 responsibility is the security and confidentiality of our client’s information assets. Security is central to who we are. The points below highlight just some of the things we do to keep your information secure and confidential.

  • We have fully documented policies and procedures that cover how we
    operate and that ensure the highest level of security and confidentiality.
  • We follow industry standard security and safety processes and procedures.
  • Our employees are fully screened which includes criminal records checks, drug screening, character reference and employment history checks and our employees sign confidentiality agreements.

We will not compromise our process or procedures if it results in a reduced level of security or confidentiality.

Client Service

We’re proud that our clients have put their trust in us and that we are praised for providing superior customer service. We make it a point to “go the extra mile” for our clients.


A recent client had these nice things to say about us:

“We have been working with the folks at Guardian for the last several years. We use them for their shredding service and offsite records management and most recently they assisted with our office move. The people at Guardian are always professional, courteous and willing to help with our sometimes odd requests. The organization is top notch and very well run and I highly recommend them.”

Greg in Reinsurance


Call 238 0847 or click here to learn about our services and how Guardian can tailor a solution for your business.