Our commitment to helping the environment is reflected in the products and services we provide. Here are some examples of how we are doing our part.

Our security consoles are constructed of waste wood and the liner bags are recycled and reused rather than disposed of.

We have a strong commitment to being environmentally friendly. Many of the products and services we offer are chosen based on how environmentally friendly they are and the impact they will have on the environment during their life time.


Since opening our doors in 2005, our clients have helped us to send over 1,000,000 pounds of paper or 100,000,000 destroyed documents for recycling. Our recycling partners convert this material into toilet paper, tissue paper, napkins and paper towels which has resulted in significant savings to the environment.

In 2018, 80% of the material we collected for shredding, representing 21 containers full of paper, was sent to our recycling partner where it was converted into recycled paper products. 100% of the e-waste we have destroyed is sent to the government recycling plant for recycling.

Our moving crate system saves companies from purchasing costly cardboard boxes that ultimately end up in the trash in addition to reducing the number of trips movers have to make thus reducing fuel usage.