At Guardian we are serious about the products and services we offer. We search out only the best and brightest ideas and offer them at competitive prices.

Managed Offsite Records Storage. We’re Serious

We offer the most competitive rates with flexible pricing based on the number of records in storage; expect big savings over our competitors.


Our service includes:

  • Secure online system for on-demand information management which allows you to manage your records from any desktop. Features include data entry, custom searches, queries and service requests.

  • Full audit trail using bar code scanning at each step in the chain of custody.

  • Professional staff with full background checks and confidentiality agreements in place.

We are more than just an information systems provider and offsite records storage company; we work with you to solve your records management problems.

Secure Destruction Management.

We’re serious


We are #1 when it comes to the secure and confidential destruction of client information assets. The points below highlights some of the reasons why:

  •  Our clients are world class financial institutions, insurance and reinsurance 
companies, public accounting firms, and lawyers as well as many local businesses.
They include Bermuda’s largest organizations and several 1 or 2 person offices.

  • We destroy a variety of items including: documents, discs, back-up tapes, hard drives 
and computers.

  • We provide secure collection bins free of charge.

  • Service schedule is flexible. We are available for a one-time purge or regularly 
scheduled service, which may be weekly, monthly or at your convenience.

  • Waste from the destruction process is recycled. Learn more.

Our service allows your staff to focus on their primary responsibilities and not a non-core function such as shredding or destruction.

Hard Drive Destruction

When it comes to the safe and industry-approved destruction of data and the secure destruction of e-media and e-waste, we have the solution. Guardian uses an industry approved shredder to safely and securely shred and destroy tapes, cell phones and hard drives. In partnership with Government's e-waste recycling initiative, your shredded e-waste is delivered to the MRF, processed in the USA and recycled.


For information or quotation, call 238-0847 or email

Office Relocation Experts.

We’re Serious


We are your complete move management and innovative solutions providers and we will help to reduce your down time and your relocation costs.

  • Our integrated crate and dolly moving system is the #1 choice of companies on the move.
  • We ensure your office contents and files are kept secure and organized from the point they are packed to when they are unloaded.
  • Our system results in huge savings over purchasing and moving with cardboard boxes.
  • We’re environmentally friendly and our system virtually eliminates the need for cardboard boxes that ultimately end up in the trash.

Moving offices? Moving filing cabinets? Moving just files? Call 238 0847 or click here to learn how Guardian can find the most cost efficient solution for your next move.

Crate and Dolly Moving System

Guardian is the exclusive provider of the Tyga Box Moving System. The system is a plastic crate and dolly system that, when used, results in the following key benefits:


  • Substantially reduces staff down time due to how quickly they are packed, moved and
    then unpacked.

  • Keeps files and other office contents secure and organized for transport.

  • Integrated dolly stays with each stack so there is never any lifting of full boxes which also results in greater efficiency when moving and reduced moving cost.

  • Each box is equivalent to one standard file drawer and stack is equivalent to a 5 drawer filing cabinet which keeps files organized and thus increases efficiency when moving and unpacking.

  • Rental vs purchasing cardboard boxes results in reduced cost and helps the environment as cardboard boxes normally end up in the trash.

  • Expect to save approximately 30% on your total cost of moving.

Records Storage Management.

We’re Serious

Secure online system for on-demand information management, that may be used for in-house record keeping or in our managed offsite records storage facility.

Our system offers:

  • Highly secure access using multiple levels of security including 128-bit encryption plus multi layer password access.

  • Fully customizable database structures and indexing attributes designed specifically for your needs.

  • Unmatched user functionality and flexibility with features including data entry, custom searches and queries to service requests.

  • Automated processes for client requests. Work orders are created automatically at the records center which reduces opportunity for error and streamlines your processes.

  • Centralized database can be accessed and maintained from multiple sites, around the globe.

Tailored Solutions


Our clients call on us to solve their problems, big or small. With more than 20 years working with both international and local businesses, we have the knowledge and experience to solve your information asset management challenges.

Innovative Environmental Products

As with our Shredding Service and our Tyga Box Moving System we continue to search out products and services that are environmentally friendly.